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Enhance Click - Blossom 4.8g

  • R 498.99

Highlight and strobe in a single, effortless sweep with this ultra-luminous cream highlighter stick. Formulated with super-fine pearls, each of the nine universally flattering shades imparts sophisticated radiance without giveaway glitter. Suitable for use with Cover FX’s ingenious, double-ended {Click Stick}, this perfectly portable highlighter allows you to customise your look and glow your own way.
Description Delivered in an ultra-convenient stick, Cover FX’s Enhance Click is a lusciously luminous cream highlighter that applies and blends effortlessly for subtle, sophisticated radiance. Melting into skin in one single sweep, you don’t need to worry about giveaway glitter here – in fact, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is which of the nine universally flattering shades to choose from. There’s glistening pearl ‘Celestial’, gleaming pink ‘Rose Gold’, shimmering golden bronze ‘Candlelight’, warm bronze ‘Gilded’, pearlescent peach ‘Golden Peach’, glistening pale gold ‘Gold Dust’, nude champagne ‘Bubbly’, mauve ‘Berry’ and pearlescent powder pink ‘Blossom’. While they can be purchased alone, they are specifically designed to fit into Cover FX’s innovative, double-ended {Click Stick} for ultimate convenience and portability.
How to use To Illuminate: Apply directly to the skin at the high points of the face: top of the cheekbones, the brow bone, temples, and cupid’s bow Strobing: Apply directly to the tops of the cheekbones and brow bones To highlight the body: Apply directly to the décolletage, shoulders, and legs. Blend into the skin with your fingertips or use a brush or sponge Use one or more Enhance Clicks to customize your perfect glow

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