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Empty Eyeshadow Bar Palette

Empty Eyeshadow Bar Palette

  • R 273.99

Curate your own eye-deal shadow collection with this customisable six-piece palette, the perfect home for your BUXOM {Eyeshadow Bar Single Eyeshadow} pans. Complete with a double-ended brush and an in-built mirror, this is all you need for effortless eye enhancement – whichever of the brand’s 40 matte, shimmering or duo-chrome eyeshadows you choose.
Description Your perfect palette in the making (no dud shades here!) BUXOM’s Empty Eyeshadow Bar Palette is a customisable six-piece, which works as the ideal place to house your bespoke line-up of the brand’s brilliant shadows. With 40 shades to choose from – each consisting of a powerfully pigmented formula that delivers intense payoff with a luxurious, powder-to-silk finish – in plush matte, shimmering metallic and hypnotic duo-chrome finishes, you won’t know which six to choose first. When you’ve (eventually) decided, you can simply pop them into the chic black palette (the hidden drawer slides in and out for easy access) for endless mixing and matching.
How to use 1. Choose six eyeshadows. 2. Slide open drawer from the right side of the palette. 3. Remove clear plastic cover from eyeshadows, leaving them in their black bases. 4. Insert eyeshadows into palette. 5. Slide drawer into compact to close.

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