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EGF Stem Cell Complex ( 29ml )

EGF Stem Cell Complex ( 29ml )

  • R 3,361.99

Hot from Hollywood, where it was originally formulated for professional use, EGF Stem Cell Complex is a moisturising serum that provides intensive hydration while minimising visible signs of ageing. This anti-ageing antidote combines Epidermal Growth Factor, plant stem cells and peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis and in turn, fortify mature skin’s fragile fabric.
Description Embrace your inner Dorian Gray and defy signs of ageing with this lightweight moisturising serum. Combining the comfort of a cream with the intensive power of a serum, the formula stars Epidermal Growth Factor – which stimulates growth at a cellular level and supports the creation of collagen (the ‘scaffolding’ that keeps skin smooth and firm) – to restore youthful suppleness and recover lost ‘bounce’. Undoing all manner of damage, the plant stem cells contained in the complex assist in repairing the harm wrought by consistent exposure to UV and pollutants, while deflecting the skin-ageing free radicals which wreak havoc with cell health. Expertly crafted by clinical skin care expert Nurse Jamie, this serum is effectively a non-invasive procedure in a bottle.
How to use Apply a thin layer to the face and neck twice daily, taking care to avoid the immediate eye area.

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