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Dynaspot ( 10ml )

Dynaspot ( 10ml )

  • R 723.99

Stop spots in their track with Eve Lom’s Dynaspot – the ultimate foil for unwelcome eruptions. Packed with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pore-purifying ingredients, this targeted treatment prompts pimples to rethink their evil actions – accelerating the demise of existing breakouts, while preventing dormant pimples from achieving their objectives…
Description The result of years spent researching the cause of breakouts, Eve Lom’s Dynaspot blows pimples out of the water! Starring resurfacing and clarifying salicylic acid, alongside antibacterial tea tree and soothing chamomile extract, this supercharged potion ousts those plotting pimples and sinister, scheming under-the-skin imperfections – attracting impurities and refining skin’s texture to swiftly restore flawlessness. The inclusion of zinc oxide and yarrow extract then works to normalise sebum production, while the specially designed ophthalmic nozzle ensure precise, hygienic application every time. Wear alone overnight to zap zits while you slumber, or wear a thin layer under your make up to bid ‘bye bye’ to unsightly facial lodgers.
How to use Apply a small amount directly onto the blemish (on freshly cleansed skin) and allow to dry. Use under or over make up Apply as often as needed. Close tightly after use.

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