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Duo Brush (#7B)

Duo Brush (#7B)

  • R 598.99

This nifty make up tool from {Anastasia Beverly Hills} is an eyebrow essential. With either the large or the handbag-sized mini Brush Duo you can create and enhance the brow shape you always wished nature had given you. These dual ended brushes mean you can kiss goodbye to eyebrow hair 'mares. Frequently with make up a little effort makes a huge impact and just a few waves of this magic wand from the Fairy Godmother of eyebrows will have you fit for the ball (office) quicker than you can say abracadabra.
Description Anastasia's Duo Brushes combine a sable, angled brush with a mascara wand to make achieving perfect brows a breeze. The spooley (mascara brush) end is ideal for combing up brows to expose any stragglers for plucking and blending brow pencil or powder marks for the most natural results. The angled brush is intelligently designed to fill in your brows and define the arches with brow powder. Once you're done, just finalise the shape you want with the wand and prepare to dazzle.
How to use Use the angled brush to fill in arches and groom. When tweezing, use to brush the hairs upward, to expose any strays. The Spooley end can then be used to brush up and outwards (always in the direction of growth) to distribute product or just give a quick tidy.

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