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Dream Dust Sachet Box ( 12 x 3g )

Dream Dust Sachet Box ( 12 x 3g )

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If you (like many) find that your mind goes into overdrive come bedtime, you’re the perfect candidate for Moon Juice’s Dream Dust – a powdered blend of soothing, stress-combatting plant-derived actives, which helps you to ‘switch off’ and drift towards a deep, recuperative slumber.
Description Completely vegan, non-GMO and free from gluten, Moon Juice’s Dream Dust is the ultimate foil for insomnia – quashing those after-dark daemons that keep you awake through the night. With only the finest ingredients – including ziziphus jujube (used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to aid digestion (important for assisting rest and repair processes), chamomile to bring calm, polygala and schisandra berry – this eases you towards the ‘land of nod’ and works to regulate your body’s sleep patterns so you get back on track and wake up feeling energised and full of ‘joie de vivre’. It’s like natural valium!
How to use Stir into warm golden milk (nut milk and turmeric), or with herbal tea before bed.

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