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DNA Night Renewal ( 50ml )

DNA Night Renewal ( 50ml )

  • R 2,711.99

A truly pioneering skin-correcting treatment, DNA’s Night Renewal is clinically proven to protect against, and correct skin damage. Developed by Dr. Ronald Moy – a pioneering research scientist and dermatologist – this harnesses the breakthrough, skin-correcting properties of Nobel Prize-winning, algae-derived DNA Repair Enzymes, which recognise defective DNA and substitute the ‘bad strands’ to limit the duplication of mutated cells. By topically topping up skin’s levels of this powerful, regenerative ‘task force’, Dr. Moy has found a way to not only delay development of wrinkles, but actively reverse existing cellular deterioration.
Description Designed to take advantage of your skin’s own overnight repair processes, this rich night lotion rehabilitates skin as you slumber – supplementing levels of DNA Repair Enzymes (found naturally within cells) and relaxing facial muscles to reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Ideal for dry, stressed or mature skin types, this replenishing treatment also contains rosemarius officinalis, Spanish lavender and tetrapeptides, to bolster skin’s resilience, protect against environmental stressors, soften fine lines and promote a youthful ‘plumpness’, so you wake up to beautifully smooth, supple, luminous skin.
How to use Apply to clean skin before bed. For maximum anti-ageing benefit, layer this on top of DNA Regeneration Serum.

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