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DNA Eye Balm ( 15ml )

DNA Eye Balm ( 15ml )

  • R 2,148.99

On a recent visit to HQ, Dr. Ronald Moy, founder of DNA Renewal, referred to this Eye Balm as the most effective product in the range so far – and when this pioneering research scientist and dermatologist makes a claim like that, we’d be mad not to listen. Providing the highest amount of both Nobel Prize-winning DNA Repair Enzymes and Human Growth Factor (alongside a high concentration of peptides and botanical actives) this balm really is a standout innovation in the range – it’s converted hordes of discerning beauty buffs by visibly thickening skin around the eyes, an effect that prevents dark circles from showing and improves sagging in a notoriously fragile area of the face. Genius.
Description A standout innovation in DNA Renewal’s pioneering selection of skin saviours, DNA Eye Balm has been described by the brand’s founder, world renowned dermatologist and research scientist Dr. Ronald Moy, as the most effective product in the range so far. This is thanks to its phenomenally high concentration of the brand’s signature skin-transforming ingredients – Nobel Prize-winning DNA Repair Enzymes (derived from algae and plankton to supplement the body’s natural DNA repair processes) and Growth Factors (derived from barley seeds and bio-engineered to act like natural human collagen-boosters). These encourage cell regeneration in order to visibly thicken delicate skin around the eyes. Increasing the thickness and resilience of this skin not only helps to slow the ageing process and minimise sagging, it also helps to prevent the appearance of dark circles. To immediately hydrate and reduce inflammation, renowned hydrator hyaluronic acid is also added into the mix, helping to combat crow’s feet, crêpey-ness and dehydration. A multi-tasking miracle, this brilliant balm can also be used on lips – a neat little bonus, as if we needed any more convincing!
How to use Gently dabbing, apply to the entire eye area both morning and night. Can also be used on lips.

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