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DNA Defense SPF 50+ ( 118ml )

DNA Defense SPF 50+ ( 118ml )

  • R 1,811.99

A pioneering product, Dr. Moy’s DNA Defense SPF 50+ harnesses the powerful, reparative properties of DNA Repair Enzymes to not only protect against UV but also ‘undo’ existing sun damage – substituting defective sections of DNA, so healthy cells can multiply effectively. The next generation of sunscreen, clinical studies have proven that sunscreens which harness repair enzyme technology, are considerably more effective than ‘traditional’ sun filters.
Description Non-greasy, non-chalky and readily absorbed, DNA Renewal’s DNA Defense stars broad spectrum SPF 50+, to deflect the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays while reversing historic sun damage thanks to DNA Repair Enzymes. Micro-fine zinc oxide particles reflect and scatter sunlight – shielding skin against both burning and skin-ageing wavelengths – while added vitamins A and E combine to provide further, free radical protection; warding against the ravages wrought by pollutants and the everyday environmental onslaught.
How to use Apply liberally 15 minutes before UV exposure. Re-apply every four hours or as needed, particularly after swimming, excessive perspiration, or extended sun exposure to maximise protection.

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