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DIY Dip Dye ( 80ml, 50ml, 2 x 25g, 20ml )

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Enlighten your ends and look perfectly on-trend (all from the comfort of home!) with this unique kit. Responsible for maintaining East London’s rainbow manes, BLEACH London has now bottled its super cool colours so you can access their expertise whatever your address. With an exclusive blending lotion and everything else you need to nail the perfect ombré fade, this effortless kit is the key to your perfect dip dye.
Description With everything you need to get your ends on-trend from the comfort of home, BLEACH London’s DIY Dip Dye Kit is a minimal effort route to super-chic strands. The kit contains a bottle of Developing Lotion, two sachets of Bleaching Powder, one sachet of Blending Lotion and deeply conditioning {Reincarnation Mask}, along with a tint brush, a mixing bowl, a pair of gloves and an instruction leaflet – so you can dye it yourself, safe in the knowledge that you’re utilising BLEACH’s colour expertise. The real magic potion is the Blending Lotion, which allows you to achieve the perfect ombré fade without harsh dye lines. As if all that wasn’t enough, the collection is completely cruelty-free and vegan (like all of BLEACH’s products) so you can feel caring as well as cool.
How to use Instructions included in box. Not suitable for grey hair or hair that’s very dark, has been dyed with henna, metallic dyes or colour restorers. Best results will be seen on mid-coloured untreated hair. If your hair’s already been dyed with a darker colour this product may not be able to remove it. In this instance we would recommend you do a strand test. The colour achieved and the length of its duration can be influenced by many factors including: Condition of hair, previous treatments, hair colour, porosity, length and fineness of hair. Always follow the timing guidelines given. If you do not leave the product on for the correct time or apply enough it might become patchy or not fully develop, leaving your hair brassy. You may need more than one pack if your hair is long, thick or hasn’t been dyed before. It’s always a good idea to have another pack to hand just in case one runs out before you’re finished colouring. This kit lightens even dark hair up to 7 levels and contains BLEACH LONDON REINCARNATION MASK for optimum hair health.

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