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Diamond Crushers - Black Unicorn 4.14ml

  • R 536.99

Achieve the most dazzling lip look with Lime Crime’s incredible Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers – available in an array of arresting shades, to instantly transform your tried and tested lipstick looks. Choose from nearly nudes to rose gold via duo-chrome blue-pink, then simply glide on for a stay-put, sugar-coated finish.
Description The secret to a mesmerising, iridescent lip finish, Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers have a featherweight, water-based formula, to lend your lips a dazzling, long-lasting lacquer that won’t flake, crumble or leave your lips feeling uncomfortable. With a glimmering, jewel-effect foil finish, they scatter light to grant a multi-tonal holographic look. Wear alone, on top of matte liquid lip colour, or finish with a slick of gloss for a high-impact, vinyl look. Choose from 14 stunning colours: ‘Heirloom’ (ruby pink), ‘L.A.’ (sunset orange), ‘Gemini’ (maroon-blue duo-chrome), ‘Unicorn’ (holographic lavender-rainbow), ‘Summer’ (sparkling peach), ‘Lit’ (rose gold), ‘Trip’ (sky blue-pink), ‘Strip’ (hot fuchsia), ‘Dope’ (copper), ‘Fle’ (pink champagne), ‘Choke’ (nearly-nude with blue flecks), ‘Cleopatra’ (blush-gold shift), ‘Black Unicorn’ (dark black-purple rainbow) and ‘Acid Fairy’ (lavender streaked with mint).
How to use Wear alone, on top of matte liquid lipstick or with a slick of gloss on top for a high-impact, vinyl finish.

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