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Deodorant ( 50ml )

Deodorant ( 50ml )

  • R 761.99

Aesop manages to be both beautiful and practical, a hybrid of old school and new tech disciplines. The bottles are brown glass, because it protects product from degrading UV rays allowing them to use fewer preservatives. The range is balanced between nature & technology because that's where they've found the best results, the fact that the botanicals make it smell divine & the bottles look beautiful is a happy bi-product of being focused on the best strategy to create beautiful skin.
Description Humans do not produce BO, it's the bacteria that live in our armpits that generate that characteristically horrid smell and the Zinc Ricinoleate in this natural deodorant kills them. This also contains lemongrass, tea tree, coriander, witch hazel, clove, thyme and vetiver root, which are naturally anti-microbial. Aesop Deodorant contains no aluminium and has a fresh, green vetiver smell that works for both men and women.
How to use Spray onto your underarms after your shower in the morning. Avoid using straight after you've shaved the area.

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