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Daily Skin Soother Booster ( 35ml )

Daily Skin Soother Booster ( 35ml )

  • R 2,148.99

This is SOS for distressed skin, bringing instant calm wherever there’s tightness, dryness or discomfort. Just a couple of drops warmed between palms and applied to cleansed face, or added to Rose Soothing & Protecting Moisturiser will deliver an extra shot of much-needed hydration and bring welcome relief to complexions in crisis. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s a loyal fan of this cult Aussie brand, saying: “it feels so good to put something so thoughtful and natural on your skin” and we couldn’t agree more!
Description With 85% organic ingredients, MV Organic Skincare’s Daily Skin Soother is perfect for those with dry, sensitive or inflamed skin conditions. Both calming and hydrating, this lightweight salve brings relief from irritation whilst replenishing lost moisture and rebalancing upset complexions with a nutritive blend of Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Calendula oils. Roman Chamomile is renowned for its vaso-constricting ability – reducing the appearance of Rosacea by tightening capillaries and strengthening their walls – while Calendula has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to relieve any tenderness and accelerate healing.
How to use First cleanse, then spritz with Rose Hydrating Mist – while skin is still slightly damp, smooth 2 – 3 drops of Daily Skin Soother over your face, neck and outer eye area, or if you prefer, add two drops of booster to half a pump of Rose Soothing & Protecting Moisturiser, mix together and apply gently all over face and neck.

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