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Curl Detangling Rinse ( 340ml )

Curl Detangling Rinse ( 340ml )

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NOT a conditioner, Living Proof’s pioneering Curl Detangling Rinse has a water-activated gel texture which effortlessly separates strands for ouch-free combing, styling and enhanced manageability. Curls are at their most fragile when wet – hair is easily stretched, snapped and weakened – which is where this innovative formula comes to the fore; instantly detangling hair the moment it hits water, to minimise the risk of breakage and prepare for frizz-free styling. Enriched with Living Proof’s ‘Extended Curl Memory Technology’ (a combination of the brand’s patented ‘Healthy Hair Molecule’ (OFPMA) – which weightlessly blocks humidity, 70% more effectively than traditional oils and silicones – alongside an optimised emollient and polymer blend), this hair- (and time-) saving solution repels humidity and seals the surface of each cuticle for long-lasting, touchable hold and definition.
Description If you’re constantly grappling with knots, tats and tangles, equip yourself with Living Proof’s Curl Detangling Rinse – the ultimate foil for unruly, Medusa-esque tresses. Miraculously separating, this is perfect for all curly girls – whether you’re naturally tousled or blessed with beautiful corkscrews – just apply this gel-textured formula from roots to ends of wet hair in the shower (after cleansing with Curl Conditioning Wash), then immediately rinse through to tame your tempestuous tresses. Painstakingly developed with never-before-used hair care ingredients and technologies, Living Proof abandoned the usual hair care ‘recipes’, choosing instead to approach aesthetics from pharmaceutical, medical and biotech perspectives – with consistent advice and consultation from some of the world’s greatest stylists and industry veterans. The outcome? The happy fact that A-list-worthy hair now comes in bottles.
How to use For use after using Curl Conditioning Wash. Wet hair thoroughly. Apply Curl Detangling Rinse to wet hair from roots to ends and immediately rinse out to activate the detangling properties. For additional conditioning, follow with No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner and your favorite styling product. Tips: Curl Detangling Rinse may foam slightly during use. Don’t fret – just rinse under running water to activate the detangling properties. If you need more conditioning, we recommend you add our No Frizz Leave In-Conditioner to your routine before using your favorite styling product.

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