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Curl Defining Styling Cream ( 236ml )

Curl Defining Styling Cream ( 236ml )

  • R 823.99

The perfect finishing treatment for unruly, tumbling tresses, Living Proof’s Curl Defining Styling Cream is a lightweight, leave in conditioner which simultaneously holds and controls to enhance your natural curl pattern. Enriched with Living Proof’s ‘Extended Curl Memory Technology’ (a combination of the brand’s patented ‘Healthy Hair Molecule’ (OFPMA) – which weightlessly blocks humidity, 70% more effectively than traditional oils and silicones – alongside an optimised emollient and polymer blend), this innovative styling solution helps repel humidity and smooth the surface of each, individual hair for beautiful, long-lasting frizz-free waves, curls or ringlets.
Description The perfect follow-up to Living Proof’s Curl Conditioning Wash, this conditioner and styling cream in one, imparts long-lasting weightless hair hydration whilst separating each wave for glossy, flexible definition. Ideal for all curly gurlz – whether naturally tousled or be-ringletted – this can be used alone post cleansing, or teamed up with Living Proof’s No Frizz Leave In Conditioner, for an extra shot of frizz-resisting moisture. Painstakingly developed with never-before-used hair care ingredients and technologies, Living Proof abandoned the usual hair care ‘recipes’, choosing instead to approach aesthetics from pharmaceutical, medical and biotech perspectives – with consistent advice and consultation from some of the world’s greatest stylists and industry veterans. The outcome? The happy fact that A-list-worthy hair now comes in bottles.
How to use Evenly distribute Curl Defining Styling Cream on clean, wet hair. Start with a quarter-size amount and distribute evenly from root to tip. Add more as needed. The amount you use will vary based on your hair’s density, length, and porosity. For best results, let hair air dry or heat style using a diffuser. Tips: Hair should be wet when you apply the product, working it through your hair section by section with your fingers. This helps with even distribution. Add more product as needed. To enhance your curl pattern, scrunch your hair into a towel. To elongate your curls, comb damp hair well before applying the product. To shape curls, wrap them around your finger or pen to create more definition. Our stylists love to do this to the curls that frame your face. If your hair is frizz prone, don’t touch or disrupt your curls until they’ve dried completely. To reactivate your curls, mix more Curl Styling Cream with water in your hand, then apply to dry hair to reactive your curl pattern.

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