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Crème de Soin à l'Amarante ( 150ml )

Crème de Soin à l'Amarante ( 150ml )

  • R 1,686.99

With forty years at the cutting edge of hair care innovation, Leonor Greyl is devoted to delivering natural, nutritive products that address your every tress stress. Starring amaranth seed oil – a rich source of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals – this conditioning crème strengthens strands as it helps to detangle; minimising breakage and restoring healthy shine.
Description Leonor Greyl’s Crème de Soin à l’Amarante is a rich, replenishing conditioning treatment that infuses hair with a cocktail of strengthening extracts to smooth every strand, reduce frizz and grant the most beautiful gloss. Perfect for those whose hair is colour-treated, coarse or prone to tangles, this ‘seals’ and separates post-cleansing to make mane-taming less stressful. The antioxidant properties of amaranth oil provide sustained protection from hard water, pollutants and UV (to sustain the vibrancy of your colour), while proteins and plant ceramides fortify the hair fibre – softening to leave locks supple and more manageable. Completely free from synthetic preservatives, silicones, coal tar and sodium lauryl sulphate, this stunning range is the secret to enviable ‘French girl’ tresses.
How to use Dry the hair after shampooing and apply the cream through the lengths and ends. Leave for 2-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. For detangling effect, pass a wide-toothed comb through the lengths during rinsing.

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