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Creamy Waterproof Eye Liner - Cats

  • R 298.99

The ultimate eye pencil, 3CE’s Waterproof Eyeliner comes in five, wearable shades to create feline flicks or tightline your eyelids with no risk of the colour transferring or smudging. Smooth and pigment-rich, the snag-resistant formula glides on, while the retractable, self-sharpening ‘lead’ makes it easy to achieve precise eye-enhancement.
Description Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner is the ‘kohl’ formula for those who shy away from pencils. Whether you’re prone to oily eyelids, or just have endless issues with your eye-line smudging, budging or dissolving as the day wears on, this long-wear, tear-resistant pencil will stay put come hell or eye water. Choose from five subtle colours; ‘Caffeine’ (rich matte brown), ‘Cats’ (matte jet black), ‘Chicago’ (pearlescent purple), ‘Wicked’ (pearlescent dark khaki) and ‘Cleopatra’ (beautiful, rich burgundy), and play with creating an array of daring, eye make up effects – confident that you won’t end up more ‘hot mess’ than coquette.
How to use Use to draw feline flicks or define the waterline - the water-resistant formula is perfect for use on the inner rim of both upper and lower eyelids, as well as to enhance the lashline.

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