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Correct Click ( 5.5g )

Correct Click ( 5.5g )

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Tired of dark circles, bored of dullness and riled up by redness? Consider this your first step to flawless. Ultra-blendable and highly pigmented, the clever cream formula comes in six shades that cast out dark spots, counteract discolouration and minimise under-eye circles. Suitable for use with Cover FX’s ingenious {Click Stick}, select and few of the six hues and say goodbye to your complexion woes.
Description Creamy colour correction in ultra-convenient stick? Who could refuse. Cover FX’s Correct Click is your shortcut to camouflaging dark spots, discolouration and under-eye circles seamlessly. The formula is highly pigmented – to correct even the most stubborn, problematic areas – and easy to blend, cancelling out skin discolouration and creating an even canvas. The six shades are specially formulated to target specific areas of the complexion – ‘Peach’, ‘Orange’ and ‘Brick Red’ are for combatting dark circles, ‘Green’ and ‘Yellow’ are for reducing redness and ‘Lavender’ is for brightening and dispelling dullness. Delivered in a convenient stick and suitable for use with Cover FX’s ingenious {Click Stick}, consider this your first step to flawless.
How to use - Apply directly to the skin on areas of discoloration before applying foundation and concealer. - Blend into the skin with your fingertips. You can also use a brush, or a sponge. - Follow with your foundation and concealer as you normally would apply.

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