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Cool Girl ( 250ml )

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From the most iconic hairdresser in the industry, this seriously covetable, barely-there texturising mist makes Sam McKnight’s signature ‘done’ yet ever so slightly dishevelled, effortlessly sexy look (previously the reserve of his lucky A-List celebrity clientele) achievable... in mere minutes. Lighter than traditional texturising sprays, you can layer this with other products without it looking (or feeling) overdone, product-logged, or stiff. Irresistibly scented with a fresh, floral and subtly spiced fragrance created by perfumer Lyn Harris, this spray is your new secret for tousled, textured styles.
Description The ultimate secret for achieving sexily tousled, oh-so insouciant texture effortlessly, Cool Girl from Hair by Sam McKnight is the coolest texturising spray you’re likely to come across. The culmination of McKnight’s iconic expertise and experience in the industry, his irresistible hair care collection offers the products you need to achieve professional (yet pleasingly laid-back) standards of styling at home in mere minutes. This go-to texturiser couldn’t be much easier to use – simply spritz it in, mess it up and, hey presto, you’ll be channelling Sam McKnight’s signature ‘done, undone’ look. Making it a real pleasure to use, the spray is scented with a fresh, botanical scent (green leaf, herbs, watery flowers and pepper, against a backdrop of frankincense, cedar and juniper wood, crafted by perfumer Lyn Harris) so that your locks will smell sublime as well as looking timelessly chic.
How to use Shake well before use. Spray through the crown, mid lengths and ends. Or throw your hair upside down and spray liberally through the hair and into the roots.

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