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Compact-Expert Dual Powder - 5. Amber Light 5g

  • R 1,261.99

An ingenious hybrid, this dual compact powder combines two tones to ‘mattify’, highlight and set make up all in one convenient place. Available in eight versatile tones – from ‘Ivory Fair’ to ‘Mocha Fizz’ – and enhanced with premium soft-focus pigments, this is all you need to achieve a flawless, natural-looking glow.
Description A beautiful – and clever – combination, By Terry’s Compact-Expert Dual Powder unites a matte and a glowing tone for effortless all-over coverage. Enriched with premium, soft-focus pigments, the two shades can be applied together or on their own, perfect for everything from lightweight touch-ups to all-over coverage, mattifying, highlighting, subtly sculpting and setting make up with ease. A flawless finishing touch, each of the eight versatile shade options imparts natural looking glow, so you’d need only choose your hue – from ‘Ivory Fair’ to ‘Mocha Fizz’ – sweep on and go forth.
How to use 1. For all-over application, apply the powder with the Kabuki Brush on the “T zone”: forehead, nose and chin. With the kabuki brush, apply the powder onto the rest of the face, starting from the centre and blending outwards. 2. For a sculpting effect, use the Soft Buffer Foundation Brush to apply the darker shade along the hairline, horizontally along the jaw until reaching the lower cheeks, to the sides of the nose and along the lower jaw. Next, apply the lighter shade in a V-shape in the centre of the forehead, on the high cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose and finally in a V-shape in the centre of the chin.

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