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Coconut Citrus Scrub ( 226.8g )

Coconut Citrus Scrub ( 226.8g )

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An effective yet gentle exfoliator is a rare breed, yet thankfully this delicious Coconut Citrus Scrub ticks all the boxes. If you haven’t discovered the benefits of regular exfoliating (nothing makes your skin feel softer and smoother), this almost-good-enough-to-eat concoction, with a scrummy scent of lemon and coconut will get you hooked (it smells like you’re on holiday!). It packs just enough of a punch to slough away dead skin cells, yet the sugar grains won’t feel scratchy or abrasive (providing you don’t go overboard!). It’s even mild enough to use on your lips, plus the non-irritating formula contains a plethora of nourishing oils to leave skin supremely soft as well as smooth.
Description Scrub aficionados will be all agog for this 100% natural, skin-buffing tub of sunshine. Containing a skin-soothing and nourishing blend of coconut, lemongrass, lemon balm, jojoba and vanilla, the sugar gently sloughs away dead skin cells, to smooth any bumps and allow creams and oils to absorb more effectively. It’s ideal for preventing ingrown hairs in preparation for waxing or shaving, and leaves skin perfectly prepped for self-tanning products. You can even gently buff it over lips ahead of lipstick, to help your colour glide on more evenly.
How to use Soften sugar scrub with the steam of the shower, then simply scoop desired amount and massage onto skin. Best used weekly, prior to shaving. Rinse with warm water after use and store at room temperature to prevent hardening. Note: During shipping your scrub may harden in cold temperatures and melt in hot temperatures. That is normal. Before first use, allow it to sit at room temperature for a few hours. After opening, mix scrub with a scoop or spoon before use.

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