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CliniqueFIT™ Workout 24-Hour Mascara 6ml - 01 black

CliniqueFIT™ Workout 24-Hour Mascara 6ml - 01 black

  • R 661.99

Let your lashes work as hard as you do with the CliniqueFIT™ Workout 24-Hour Mascara. This endurance-tested formula is sweat resistant, humidity resistant and wears for 24 smudge-free hours. For eyelashes that go the extra distance, apply from the roots of your lashes in a zigzag motion to the tips to achieve your most optimal length yet.
CliniqueFIT™ Workout 24-Hour Mascara Application: Start at lash roots, wiggling brush to lash tips. Repeat to build. For lower lashes, hold wand vertically. To remove, use fingertips to splash warm water on lashes several times and press gently. Or, wet a cotton pad with warm water, press to eye, then wipe away 6ml

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