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Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel ( 20ml )

Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel ( 20ml )

  • R 536.99

We love its fast-acting, spot-healing action. Redness is reduced quickly & further breakouts are minimised. It's packed full of natural ingredients & free of skin aggravators such as detergents, parabens, sulphates, artificial colours and fragrances. Australia's leading salon brand, Alpha-H, pioneered the use of Glycolic Acids nearly 20 years ago, meaning they've had time to make sure their formulas are just right for fast and visible results on signs of ageing, sun damage, sensitivity and acne.
Description This intensive spot treatment gel helps to minimise the severity of individual acne blemishes. Using a combination of natural & botanical ingredients such as Wild Oregano, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree for their anti-bacterial benefits, combined with Salicylic Acid to clear excess oil & debris from your pores & follicles, Vitamin B3 to normalise oil production & accelerate skin healing; Zinc, Liquorice & Vit E for their anti-inflammatory properties. Healing time is reduced & your skin is cleared.
How to use Apply a thin layer to the affected area onto clean dry skin. For maximum benefit use twice a day. Can be applied over or under make-up. NB Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

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