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Clear Difference advanced blemish serum 50ml

Clear Difference advanced blemish serum 50ml

  • R 2,111.99

Finally, a grown-up solution to blemishes. This fast-acting serum from Estée Lauder reveals clearer, smoother, fresher skin. Targets, treats and dramatically reduces the look of blemishes. Helps prevent new ones from forming and stop the breakout cycle. It targets, treats and reduces the look of blemishes effectively, yet gently with the proven power of salicylic acid, plus potent anti-irritants and skin purifying ingredients. The serum helps prevent the severity and frequency of future breakouts with continued use and normalises skin's natural cellular turnover to whisk away dead and dulling skin cells. Pores are prevented from plugging up with debris which can lead to breakouts; all thanks to a high concentration of Glucosamine-a natural and proven sugar-derived skin refiner. Skin immediately feels hydrated, silky-smooth.
Estée Lauder Clear Difference advanced blemish serum 50ml

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