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Cleanse and Brighten Duo ( 120ml, 10ml )

Cleanse and Brighten Duo ( 120ml, 10ml )

  • R 1,386.99

With an uplifting blend of eucalyptus oil (to decongest), chamomile (to soothe), rosemary (to invigorate and fortify) and bergamot (to help relieve stress), the gentle cream cleanser eliminates dirt, oils and dead skin cells. Perfect for a little pick-me-up, the essence features quartz crystal water, magnesium salts and precious oils for an instant ‘shot’ of luminosity.
Description The most perfect pairing (at a particularly pleasing price) Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s Cleanse and Brighten Duo unites the brand’s Miracle Cleanser and Brightening Botanical Essence. Fusing probiotic and peptide technologies, with a cocktail of BioOrganic plant and flower essences, Miracle Cleanser is an aromatic, creamy cleansing infusion – which effortlessly melts every trace of make up and grime to leave skin feeling beautifully clean, soft and dewy. Aurelia’s signature probiotic technology uses specific, ‘immune modulatory’ glycoproteins – cell surface molecules which enable cells to ‘talk’ to one another - to generate targeted impulses in the skin; balancing stress-damaged tissue whilst stabilising its defences. Perfect for a little pick-me-up, Brightening Botanical Essence is like an instant ‘shot’ of luminosity. Using a blend of mineral-rich quartz crystal water, it’s designed to instil a sense of positivity and promote inner healing, while essential oils of geranium, cedar wood, fennel and magnolia combine to brighten lacklustre complexions. It’s the ultimate skin saviour (and equilibrium restorer) for dark days and stressful weeks.
How to use Miracle Cleanser To achieve ultimate daily results follow our indulgent two-step process. Step one: Apply the creamy cleanser to dry skin, massage deeply with fingertips to lift daily grime and make-up away from the skin and stimulate circulation. Step two: Remove cleanser with Aurelia’s antibacterial bamboo muslin to gently exfoliate and reveal a bright, clean and glowing complexion. Ensure the cloth is warm and damp and gently sweep over the skin. Brightening Botanical Essence Before use, shake well, close your eyes and spritz over your face and neck. Apply in the morning and evening on clean skin after using the Miracle Cleanser and follow with the Revitalise & Glow Serum and Cell Revitalise Day or Night Moisturisers as part of your skincare ritual. Can also be used throughout the day to boost radiance and refresh make-up. For the Mind: Shake well and create a mist around you. Inhale deeply three times, concentrating on each breath to feel supported throughout the day.

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