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Citylife Facial Mist 80ml

Citylife Facial Mist 80ml

  • R 1,586.99

While city life comes with many advantages, it also exposes us constantly to high levels of air pollution. From the moment we wake, taking in our daily commute, through to less obvious sources such as air conditioning, office life, even cooking and cleaning, our skin is constantly exposed to damage. OSKIA’s Facial Mist is a protecting formula that instantly hydrates, refreshes and helps sheild against indoor and outdoor pollution, as well as free-radical damage throughout the day – preventing them from penetrating further into the epidermis.
OSKIA Citylife Facial Mist Application: Shake before use. Close eyes and spray mist directly onto face or onto a cotton pad and swipe across face. Use a toner, over make-up and when out and about to protect skin 80ml

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