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Citylife Booster 12ml

Citylife Booster 12ml

  • R 3,623.99

While city life comes with many advantages, it also exposes us constantly to high levels of air pollution. From the moment we wake, taking in our daily commute, through to less obvious sources such as air conditioning, office life, even cooking and cleaning, our skin is constantly exposed to damage. OSKIA’s Citylife Booster is an intense concentrated formula clinically-proven to protect against Singlet oxygen, Peroxyl, Hydroxyl and Halogenated free radicals that can cause that can cause inflammation, loss of elasticity, excess pigmentation and dark spots and reduced cellular activity.
OSKIA Citylife Booster Application: Add 1 drop of Concentrate to 3 drops of your usual skincare product. Blend in the palm of your hand and massage evenly into skin 12ml

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