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Cheek Colour Brush

Cheek Colour Brush

  • R 1,261.99

Laura Mercier’s philosophy “what makes you unique makes you beautiful” is the inspiration behind her world-renowned label. The Cheek Colour Brush is created especially for effortless blush application. A medium sculpted brush head is designed to perfectly shape the cheekbone, while the super-soft bristles provide softness and durability.
Laura Mercier cheek colour brush How to use: Product will naturally adhere to synthetic fibers. For best results using any type of pressed powder, press bristles into powder to pick-up the powder. Press brush onto back of hand to work the powder into the brush. Gently tap brush once on back of hand to shake off any excess product. Tap and press loaded bristle all over area first. After product has been placed, then blend 7.2”

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