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CBD Oil 5% ( 10ml )

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A combination of CBD and hemp oils, this is the ideal way to introduce the health and beauty benefits of (non-psychoactive!) cannabis extracts (this year’s ‘it’ ingredient). Taking the wellness world by storm – and swiftly shrugging off their links to marijuana – cannabinoids are jam-packed with a cocktail of nutrients and antioxidants, instantly identifiable by the body's inbuilt 'ecannabinoid' system, and proven to help re-establish systems' equilibrium. CBD is also brilliant for skin (it's ideal if you're plagued by sensitivity or scaly skin conditions such as eczema) - replenishing cells' reservoirs and boosting their reserves of precious beneficial nutrients... ideal if your skin has gone to pot (sorry!).
Description Extracted solely from the tops of fresh hemp plants to maximise the purity and efficacy, Kiki Health’s CBD Oil 5% is the best way to access the cannabis plant's boundless benefits (without the mind-altering side-effects). Cannabinoids (including hemp extracts and cannabidiol - or CBD) contain an abundance of nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes, vitamins, chlorophyll and amino acids and a wealth of free radical-fighting antioxidants. Readily recognised by our bodies (they're naturally bioavailable), these cannabinoids work to regulate functions from appetite to immunity, sleep and our overall mood - maintaining the status quo so you feel less lethargic, more upbeat and well equipped to tackle all the daily challenges. Cannabinoids' antioxidant properties are also well documented - powerfully protective, they shield against harmful aggressors and help delay signs of ageing, as well as hydrating and 'topping up' crucial resources which are gradually depleted as we go about our rituals. Effortlessly easy to adopt into your wellbeing routine, simple place one or two drops under your tongue (or mix with water) and await the swift, body- and spirit-stabilising benefits. This 5% blend is ideal for those new to hemp extracts...
How to use Place one or more drops under the tongue and keep in your mouth for a minute before swallowing. Based on the effect, after a few days - weeks you will be able to feel whether you require a higher or lower dose. Make sure you do whatever you feel comfortable with. CBD Oil can also be mixed with water

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