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CBD Herbal Repair Cream ( 100ml )

CBD Herbal Repair Cream ( 100ml )

  • R 2,973.99

Soothing irritation and reducing itching, this heavenly reparative cream will restore distressed skin to a healthy, balanced state. It’s enriched with MGC Derma’s secret ingredient, cannabidiol (a purified, non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant that they extract themselves) which offers high antioxidant protection. Perfect for smoothing and softening rough, flaking or sensitive skin (it can be used all over, even on the scalp) this non-greasy cream will be your new go-to whenever your skin’s crying out for an SOS.
Description A richly comforting yet non-greasy cream, this is ideal for soothing skin irritation wherever it makes an unwelcome appearance. The formula owes its efficacy to its extraordinary ingredients – first and foremost, cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract from the cannabis plant (don’t worry, this is very different from the type of cannabis you inhale!) Our skin has native receptors for cannabinoids – also known as hemp extracts – making them incredibly bioavailable, instantly recognised by skin and utilised straight away. Incredibly high in antioxidants, CBD protects skin from further damage so that it can repair itself, while lavender oil and valerian root boost the healing power with anti-inflammatory benefits. Especially good on itchy, distressed areas of skin, this will bring welcome relief wherever you need it (you can even use it on your scalp) and help your skin on its way back to healthy, beautiful balance.
How to use Apply on dry clean skin area 1-2 times a day, recommended to cover with a dry clean cloth leaving it for 6-8 hours. For best results, it is recommended to apply for a period of 15–20 days and can be repeated from 2–6 courses a year. Can be used anywhere on skin including scalp.

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