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Carotene Extra Whip Moisturizer ( 30ml )

Carotene Extra Whip Moisturizer ( 30ml )

  • R 1,223.99

The ultimate daily moisturiser for dehydrated, confused complexions, Ilcsi’s Carotene Extra Whip Moisturiser has an ultra-lightweight texture to infuse your skin with moisture without smothering or contributing to congestion. Rich in carotene – derived from carrots, rowan sorb and melon – this fortifies skin’s fabric and revitalises sluggish skin cells while providing long-lasting hydration, so your complexion feels smooth, plump and dewy. Phenomenally hydrophilic, rowan sorb attracts and retains moisture to enhance cell ‘volume’ and promote a more firm, even texture (fine lines and wrinkles are diminished), while carrot and melon combine to bolster skin’s resilience and recapture lost radiance.
Description Founded by ‘Aunt Ilcsi’ more than half a century ago, the Ilcsi name is synonymous with the finest Hungarian super natural skin care. This range is so fresh that it's made to order for – to guarantee the potency of the potent botanical actives (the bulk of which are hand-harvested on Ilcsi's own, 'Certified Organic' farm)! The Sour Cherry Gel Mask has accrued legions of devoted fans – astonishing customers with its unparalleled de-puffing prowess – so discover Hungarian women’s (and men’s!) go-to skin care brand, and uncover skin that blooms.
How to use Apply to clean skin every morning as a daily hydrator, or apply a thicker layer once or twice weekly as an intensive treatment mask. For best results, use in conjunction with Ilcsi's Carotene Extra Treatment.

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