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Carmen Classic Lashes #8

  • R 536.99

Having spent her years as a make-up artist reworking existing false lashes in the hopes dreaming up the perfect set, it was only a matter of time before influencer Huda Beauty released her own line of fluttery eyelash goodness. Densely packed onto the band, Carmen provides phenomenal root volume while the ends are graduated for a fabulously feminine effect - the perfect style for lash lovers looking for extra volume and length without the weight.
Huda Beauty Carmen Classic Lashes #8 Hair length: 1 – 1.5cm Band length: 2.9cm Band thickness: 1mm Made from synthetic fibres Cruelty-free Glue sold separately Can be used up to 12 times Application: Carefully remove from packaging. Measure against eye before applying and trim if necessary. Apply a thin layer of lash glue to the band and apply using tweezers – hold in place and then allow the glue to dry

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