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Candle / GPS 23’ 5”N ( 270g )

Candle / GPS 23’ 5”N ( 270g )

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Named with the coordinates of the location it’s inspired by, this candle encapsulates heady, nostalgic scents of smoky wood and charred leather, giving way to the fresh floral fragrance of rose. Recalling Margate’s 19th-century amusement park and ceremonial gardens, with its burnt-out roller coaster and crawling Victorian roses, this rich yet uplifting scent will become the signature of your favourite rooms.
Description Named after the location it recalls, HAECKELS’ Candle / GPS 23’ 5”N captures the intriguing, nostalgic scents of the seaside town centre of Margate, from its thriving heyday to its derelict phase to its present day resurrection. Capturing the senses with intensely powdery florals, the fragrance opens out into a rich, smoky wood and charred leathery heart, carried by a clean, flesh floral base of rose. The inspiration for the fragrance comes from the location itself, recalling the monumental roller coaster at the heart of Margate – which fell victim to arson – as well as the Victorian roses that still grow at the site today. Hand-crafted in HAECKELS’ clifftop lab, this candle exudes sublime, sophisticated scent and, suspended in a beautiful glass jar etched with the coordinates, makes the perfect present for a lucky loved one.
How to use Fragrance notes Top: Intense, Powdery Floral Heart : Dry, Smokey Wood, Leather Base : Clean Floral Undertone For the first time that you burn your Haeckels GPS candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, or until the whole top is liquid with wax. This allows for an even burn the next time it is used.

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