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Calming Botanical Essence ( 10ml )

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This Calming Botanical Essence isn’t just a skin soother – it also relieves symptoms of general fatigue, making it ideal for new parents or those suffering from sleep disorders, exam worries or jet-lag. This lightweight facial mist is made from pure glacial water and stress-relieving essential oils to promote inner calm and alleviate a tense, irritated complexion. This is a travel bag essential for those frequently flying long-haul, or just to have about your person to spritz liberally throughout the day.
Description Everything that goes into the multi-award winning Aurelia Probiotic Skincare range is pure and natural - and Calming Botanical Essence is no exception. A delicate mist, this benefits both skin and spirit thanks to its soothing cocktail of botanical extracts and calming crystals. A special blend of essential oils - including fragonia (to combat fatigue) and chamomile (to alleviate symptoms of stress) - works synergistically with rose quartz crystal water to restore a sense of inner peace. Just spritz throughout the day to reduce redness, alleviate inflammation and swiftly dispel stresses.
How to use Before use, shake well, close your eyes and spritz over your face and neck. Apply in the morning and evening on clean skin after using the Miracle Cleanser and follow with the Revitalise & Glow Serum and Cell Revitalise Day or Night Moisturisers as part of your skin care ritual. Can also be used throughout the day to boost radiance and refresh make-up. For the Mind: Shake well and create a mist around you. Inhale deeply three times, concentrating on each breath to feel supported throughout the day.

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