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C Scape Enzymatic Gel Cleanser ( 200ml )

C Scape Enzymatic Gel Cleanser ( 200ml )

  • R 998.99

Carefully formulated in DCL’s own cosmetic lab to revitalise and refresh skin, this mild gel cleanser is energised by natural enzymes, sugar and fruit acids. Gently exfoliating, it removes all make up and impurities and liberates skin from pore-clogging, complexion-dulling dead cells to reveal the ravishing radiance beneath – you knew it was in there somewhere…
Description For a cleanser that illuminates skin as it cleans, DCL’s C Scape Enzymatic Gel Cleanser is the perfect, mild choice for all skin types. A natural enzyme and fruit acid complex enhances cell turnover, lifting away the dead cells that clog pores and make skin appear dull. Calming chamomile, protective green tea extract, brightening vitamin C and conditioning vitamin B5 join the luscious line-up of ingredients to give skin a brilliant boost of radiance while refreshing and refining. Everything you could want from a cleanser, use this morning and evening to discover why we can’t get enough of DCL’s sublime skin care.
How to use Twice daily, apply a small amount to dampened skin and massage over face and neck using gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and exult in the instant illumination.

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