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Butter Gloss - Vanilla Cream Pie 8ml

  • R 186.99

This luxurious Butter Lip Gloss is guaranteed to convert even the staunchest 'gloss-phobes' with its buttery, non-sticky texture that feels delicious and creates a polished make up look befitting the cast of Clueless. Available in 34 candy sweet shades, the colour can be layered for a more intense effect, plus their iridescence has a subtle plumping effect on the lips. And the confectionary scent will satisfy the most sweet-toothed among you.
Description If you want to know how these glosses feel on the lips – the clue is in the name. But while it’s softer than butter, it’s not sticky or gloopy in the bargain. The lightweight formula allows you to wear it alone or on top of a matte lipstick to make it feel less drying. Plus, the colossal shade range will make any beauty addict feel like a kid in a cosmetic candy shop, from the bright fuchsia ‘Strawberry Parfait’; Barbie-hued ‘Peaches and Cream’; and ultra-violet ‘Cotton Candy’; to the softer ‘Fortune Cookie’ caramel; and delicate peach ‘Sunday Mimosa’. And for more statement shades, you can feast on the deep plum ‘Red Wine Truffle’ and vibrant red ‘Cherry Pie’.
How to use Apply directly to lips with spatula applicator. Or wear over lipstick to add softness and shine.

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