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BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer ( 3ml )

BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer ( 3ml )

  • R 798.99

WE SHIP BENEFIT THROUGHOUT UK AND IRELAND This nutrient-rich, clear gel eyebrow primer helps brows to pull off a re-appearing act. Enriched with keratin and soy proteins, the conditioning formula conditions and smooths, helping arches that have gone awry look thicker, healthier and fuller. Worn as a primer, it also improves and extends the staying power of other eyebrow enhancers.
Description Think of Benefit’s BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer as a primer with perfecting powers. Perfect used to prep and prime brows, the all-in-one clear gel suits all hair colours and is delivered via a soft-touch applicator for effortless wielding and seamless application. Twist the base and glide over brows for a beauty boost – it will enhance and extend the wear of any eyebrow products that follow. As if that wasn’t enough, the keratin and soy protein-enriched formula conditions and smooths eyebrow hairs, helping to tame unruly arches and make them thicker, healthier and fuller. For the ultimate conditioning treat, wear a layer of the nutrient-rich formula while you snooze – it’s like an overnight hair mask for your brows.
How to use Glide over brows and let dry. If it’s your first prime, twist the base continuously until gel appears on the tip. For daily use, click the pen once and wait for gel to appear. Apply before makeup for a beauty boost…or wear this nutrient-rich formula overnight so it works its conditioning magic while you snooze.

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