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BROWnies - Dark Brown 3g

  • R 486.99

These brilliant gel-mousse pomades grant the most enviable arches. With a rainbow of shades to complement all hair tones, this buildable formula adheres to each strand to add ‘oomph’ while still looking believable. Water-resistant and smudge-proof, use a firm angled brush to achieve perfect brows and become the envy of your friends (and arch rivals).
Description A key ingredient on your quest for flawless eyebrows, Beauty Bakerie’s BROWnies has a smooth, ‘fluffy’ formula to effortlessly create elegant, Audrey-esque arches. Essential for framing your features, beautifully sculpted brows are to your face what frosting is to cake – the perfect, finishing touch (that makes a world of difference). In five shades to suit most hair tones – ‘Blonde’, ‘Taupe’, ‘Auburn’, ‘Brown’ and ‘Dark Brown’ – the No Bake BROWnie Dip permits creation of fine, hair-like strokes or can be used to ‘fill in’ sparse patches; just define the outline before ‘colouring in’ to put the icing on your beauty bake! What’s more, the formula is water-, sweat- and smudge-resistant (so there's no risk of BROWnies going gooey).
How to use Brush your brows into desired shape using a spoolie brush, then using a slanted brow brush, dip lightly into BROWnie Dip. Making hair like strokes, begin filling your brows in. Once you're done, use concealer to define the outline.

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