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Brow Scissors - Black

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The ideal tool for quickly and efficiently taming rogue brows, these Italian-made steel scissors will control any overgrown strays for immediate eyebrow perfection. Small enough to fit snugly in your make up bag, these are a must-have for those who are naturally bushy-of-brow – ruling the unruly without any unnecessary (and uncomfortable) plucking. The high-quality angled blades permit easy access to even harder-to-reach hairs, so your arches need never be anything less than immaculate. Pain-free, hassle-free, face-framing eyebrows in a snip? That’s the type of beauty tool we like…
Description Former architect-turned-eyebrow maestro Anastasia Soare, has sculpted the eyebrows of everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood – from Cindy Crawford to Penelope Cruz. Renowned for her ‘golden ratio’ technique – the formula behind perfectly proportioned arches – her self-named range of tools, stencils, powders and pencils are the easy way to access her eyebrow wizardry at home. These Brow Scissors are neat, ergonomic, high-quality and (most importantly) effective, granting you tidy, even eyebrows in a matter of moments.
How to use Always cut across the top of the brow towards the nose, being mindful not to cut in a downward direction. For easier use, brush brows upward using the Spooley brush first. Holding the hairs in place with your finger above the brow, cut the hairs that are longer than the brush, above the brow bone.

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