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Brow Primer ( 2.55g )

Brow Primer ( 2.55g )

  • R 723.99

This coveted eyebrow fixer marries versatility with convenience and is all you need to add some Anastasia Beverly Hills polish when you're feeling a bit bedraggled. Used alone or over your favourite brow pencil this will rein in renegade hair formations and keep them firmly (but softly) in check. Anastasia Soare is Hollywood's eyebrow guru and her product range delivers her unparalleled expertise to those of us who haven't (yet) made it to the Hollywood A-List.
Description Brow Fix has evolved from a brilliant eyebrow-tamer, to the answer to a myriad of day-to-day beauty woes. The colourless wax pencil can be used as an invisible lip liner to stop your lipstick bleeding; to line the eyes and form a base for powder shadows and even to 'fill in' fine lines and wrinkles. All of these in addition to its original purpose - to give definition and shine to eyebrows with a flexible, natural hold. It's a genius multi-use product that no handbag should be without.
How to use Apply gently over filled in (or naked) eyebrows for a groomed yet natural look. Can also be used as an invisible liner prior to applying lipstick or stain, and to transform your favourite powder shadow to an eyeliner, when applied on top Brow Fix with an angled brush. You can also use to disguise fine lines and crow's feet as a 'filler' - either under or on top of make-up.

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