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Brain Dust Sachet Box ( 12 x 3g )

Brain Dust Sachet Box ( 12 x 3g )

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If you frequently find yourself struggling to focus, taking longer to retrieve essential facts or simply feel as if your mind’s a little slow and sluggish, Moon Juice’s Brain Dust is the kick-start you need – fuel to get your brain in gear and help enhance mental agility. With quick and cumulative benefits, just stir into your morning coffee for an extra shot of ‘carpe diem’.
Description A supercharged cocktail of plant-derived vitamins, minerals and extracts to revitalise your most important organ, Brain Dust is ‘fuel’ for your thought processes – boosting your acuity, enhancing concentration and improving mental capacity so you feel almost instantly much ‘sharper’ and more energised. Ideal whenever you have an important deadline, are struggling to peel yourself from the pillow or are suffering from S.A.D., this powdered cocktail contains organic astragalus (a known immunity-booster that’s proven to protect the cardiovascular system), alongside shilajit, maca, lion’s mane, rhodiola, ginkgo and organic stevia – it’s the ‘real life’ version of ‘turning it off and on again’.
How to use This box contains 12 convenient sachets. Add to coffee, tea, milk, water or smoothies, or mix into cereals or almond butter.

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