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Botanist Hand Wash ( 250ml )

Botanist Hand Wash ( 250ml )

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Inspired by deep Swedish forests and wild, rambling botanical gardens, this gently lathering hand wash features an invigorating scent of fresh green apples and blackcurrant leaves, combined with woody undertones of birch and vetiver. The skin-friendly pH formula is enriched with organic oils to impart moisture, protect and promote cell renewal as you cleanse.
Description Transform hand-washing into a Swedish delight and treat your skin with Bjork and Berries’ Botanist Hand Wash. The soft, gently lathering formula has a skin-friendly pH and is crafted from natural, organic and 100% vegan ingredients, carefully combined in Sweden. It’s enriched with organic linseed oil, a deeply nourishing and moisturising oil that contains omega 3 fatty acid, known for its ability to reduce collagen damage and promote cell renewal. The heavenly scent is inspired by the deep forests and wild, rambling botanical gardens of Sweden – an invigorating blend of fresh green apples, blackcurrant leaves and smoky black tea meets rich, woody undertones of birch, vetiver and patchouli to make for a refreshing, alluring fragrance.
How to use Use a small amount of hand wash into damp hands, lather then rinse thoroughly.

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