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Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer - 02 3g

  • R 586.99

WE SHIP BENEFIT THROUGHOUT UK AND IRELAND Fool-proof, fade-proof and formidable, this ultra-high strength concealer will hide blemishes and diminish dark circles – without even coming close to creasing. The creamy formula blends beautifully into skin and stays put, so you can enjoy an imperfection-free complexion for as long as you want.
Description The hardworking hero of the concealer world, Benefit’s Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer will spell the end of even the most severe breakout fears. Why? Because you can absolutely rely on it to mask imperfections whenever you need it too. Ideal for camouflaging dark circles – and who doesn’t dream of putting a stop to panda eyes once in a while – the long-staying formula is fade-proof so that discolouration and blemishes won’t reappear until you let them. Available in three natural-looking shades, simply dab it onto the areas you want to conceal, blend and hey presto – bye bye flaws, hello flawless.
How to use With fingertip, dab onto the areas you want to target. Pat gently outward to blend.

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