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BIG Blender Brush BB001

BIG Blender Brush BB001

  • R 148.99

Perfectly precise, this small eyeshadow brush is ideal for blending in hard to reach areas, such as the eyelid crease or lash line. A must for effortless eye enhancement, BLEACH London’s brushes (like the entire line, in fact) are completely vegan and proudly cruelty-free, so you can achieve perfect make up with a comforted conscience.
Description Small yet mighty, BLEACH’s BIG Blender Brush BB001 is perfectly proportioned for precise blending. With super-soft yet firm fibres, the brush can reach into those harder to reach areas of the eye, including the lash line and crease. Perfect for use with any of the brand’s kaleidoscopic powders, this blurs colour beautifully for a seamless finish. What’s more, the brushed metal handle is brilliantly balanced and the high-quality fibres are vegan and completely cruelty-free, as well as easy to clean and maintain.
How to use Use to blend eyeshadow, especially at the crease and lash line.

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