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Benetint ( 10ml )

  • R 848.99

WE SHIP BENEFIT THROUGHOUT UK AND IRELAND Originally created in the 1970s, this rose-tinted stain has soared to cult classic status. Why? Because it’s totally, completely kiss-proof, staining lips and cheeks with a sheer wash of instantly uplifting colour that lasts for hours. Adored by celebrities and make up artists alike, this long-lasting miracle will become a mainstay in your make up collection.
Description The original rose-tinted stain, Benefit’s Benetint is a legendary product for a reason. Unlike so many others, this is totally, honestly, completely kiss-proof and offers hours of gorgeous, face-flattering wear. The sheer liquid formulation glides onto skin to give an instantly uplifting wash of colour – it’s fabulous on faces and luscious on lips and can be applied with the brush-tipped lid for an ultra-natural, rosy flush. Subtle yet sexy and scented with a gorgeous, delicate rose fragrance, it bestows the ultimate healthy glow wherever it’s applied.
How to use Brush three strokes on the bare apples of your cheeks and quickly blend with fingertip, or wear under Benefit’s High Beam for a dewy glow. Apply on lips and blend. For a deeper "pop" of color, repeat. Kiss, repeat.

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