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Beautyblender has an elliptical shape that fits perfectly to the contours of the face, its surface creates an air-brushed finish which means it can be used all over the face with all types of make up. It's reusable and openly endorsed by Hollywood heavies, like Oprah, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Diana Ross, Fergie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katherine Heigl and many more.
Description The patent-pending, elliptical-shaped Beautyblender cosmetic sponge was created by Rea Ann Silva to give a flawless airbrush finish to your complexion. The fuschia sponge's unique shape means you can use it all over the face. It's latex-free, non-irritating, non-allergenic and odourless. It's both long-lasting and easily washable.
How to use Beautyblender is easy to use: simply wet, squeeze and bounce your way to make up perfection! Wet Beautyblender with water Squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available Bounce foundation, powder or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results Cleanse after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender's exclusive material Replace and never miss a bounce! It's recommended that you replace your Beautyblender every 3 months.

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