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Beauty Stamp

Beauty Stamp

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The Beauty Stamp is a unique micro-dermal impression tool – in layman’s terms, a ‘stamp’ covered in tiny needles (0.2mm) that gently prick the uppermost layers of skin. Sounds scary… but fear not! It’s virtually painless and stimulates collagen production while creating microscopic channels to permit better absorption of your skin care products.
Description With this unique tool, you can increase the effectiveness of all your other skin care products. How, you ask? By gently pricking the skin with micro-needles, creating microscopic channels to allow your potent treatments to reach skin’s lower levels which in turn, maximises their regenerative, age-defying benefits. Sounding a little ‘out there’? Don’t be perturbed. The Beauty Stamp is a micro-exfoliation tool cleverly crafted by clinical skin care expert Jamie Sherrill (AKA Nurse Jamie), utilising a gentle ‘press and lift’ action that stimulates collagen and elastin production for more supple, youthful skin. For optimal results, the Beauty Stamp can be used with Nurse Jamie’s EGF Stem Cell Complex Moisturising Serum for extra radiance.
How to use Directions: Gently stamp the entire face 2-3 times, rotating the direction of the stamp each time. Do not stamp the inner circle of the eye or beyond the lip line area. Note: Use your Beauty Stamp once or twice per week or when needed. We recommend replacing your Beauty Stamp tool every 45-60 days depending on how often you use it. Precautions: If you have metal allergies, are under the age of 18, or if you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor before using this beauty device. Nurse Jamie's Tips: DO start slowly - introduce the Beauty Stamp gradually, especially if your skin is sensitive. DO ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed before use. Consider double cleansing to ensure there's no make up (or product) residue prior to using the Beauty Stamp. DON'T press the device into your skin with pressure. BE GENTLE! The idea that the harder you push the better the results is false. Some pressure is good, but more is not necessarily better. One pass gently is all that is needed. DO sterilise your device with alcohol or an antibacterial spray (such as The Pro Hygiene Collection's {Antibacterial Makeup Spray}) after every single use, to ensure you're not transferring any spot-causing bacteria. DON’T follow with a serum with active or harsh ingredients as derma-needling enhances the efficacy of your products. Try something soothing and calming like the Nurse Jamie {EGF Stem Cell Complex}. DON’T apply to open wounds. Just don’t. Nurse Jamie explains that 'Areas with acne, inflammation or bruising need calming not active engagement or mechanical cellular turnover.' If the skin is blemished or broken, you also risk transferring the acne bacteria to other areas of your face. DO consider using it on parts of your body that need some TLC, like above your knee cap or on the tops of your hands. and DON’T use the Beauty Stamp in the morning since 'make up and sunscreen should be avoided immediately after treatment.'

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