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Beauty Sleep Duo ( 29ml )

Beauty Sleep Duo ( 29ml )

  • R 3,961.99

All you need to boost every moment of beauty sleep, this delectable money-saving duo unites Nurse Jamie’s ingenious Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow – an innovative age-defying pillow – with EGF Stem Cell Complex – a moisturising serum that hydrates, strengthens and stimulates collagen as you slumber.
Description Boost your beauty sleep and get the most out of every precious moment in bed with Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Sleep Duo, a perfect pairing of age-defying prowess. According to clinical skin care expert Nurse Jamie, a poor sleep routine is the number three cause of premature ageing – and the position you lie in can etch fine lines and furrows into your face at night. To help fight wrinkles and restore the youthful complexion you’ve been dreaming of, Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow has a unique U-shape design that cradles the face and neck and conforms to your contours, improving the quality of your rest and helping to prevent skin from creasing as you slumber. Combine this with EGF Stem Cell Complex and you’ll achieve previously undreamed night-time renewal. The intensive serum stars Epidermal Growth Factor – which stimulates growth at a cellular level and supports the creation of collagen (the ‘scaffolding’ that keeps skin smooth and firm) – to restore youthful suppleness and recover lost ‘bounce’. Undoing all manner of damage, the plant stem cells contained in the complex assist in repairing the harm wrought by consistent exposure to UV and pollutants, while deflecting the skin-ageing free radicals which wreak havoc with cell health.
How to use Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow Side Sleepers: Position smaller U-shape on the side that you rest. Back Sleepers: Place large U-shape at the base of neck for optimal back and neck support. Care Instructions Pillowcase: Wash pillowcase in cold water on delicate cycle with mild detergent. Dry on low, fluff cycle or air dry. Pillow: Hand wash pillow with a cloth. Let air dry. EGF Stem Cell Complex Apply a thin layer to the face and neck twice daily, taking care to avoid the immediate eye area.

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