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Beauty Dust Sachet Box ( 12 x 3g )

Beauty Dust Sachet Box ( 12 x 3g )

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Want luminous, lit-from-within skin, bright eyes and enviably glossy locks? Beauty Dust by Moon Juice is a powdered blend of goji, rehmannia (a plant-derived herb, popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine), schisandra (a potent ‘superberry’), pearl and stevia, which gets you glowing from the inside, out. If it’s good enough for Gwyneth (she swears by it), it’s good enough for us…
Description The easiest, most-effective way to boost your beauty instantly and over time, Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust is chock full of essential, plant-sourced vitamins, minerals and re-energising extracts to get your skin glowing, fortify hair and recover that sought-after, luminous look. Ultra-easy to incorporate into your daily ritual, this power-packed cocktail has a slightly sweet, cocoa-esque flavour (it’s totally inoffensive), and can be added to hot drinks, mixed with your morning smoothie, or sprinkled over cereal or porridge. You’ll soon be receiving no end of “you look well” and “have you been on holiday?” comments from nosy co-workers who’re dying to know what your secret is. Whether you decide to tell them is another matter… (we won’t tell if you don’t).
How to use This box contains 12 convenient sachets. Add to matcha, tea, milk, water, or smoothies. Stir into warm lemon water or make an iced berry lemonade.

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