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Beauty Bear Replacement Pillowcase - Leopard

  • R 561.99

So, you’ve bagged yourself a bestselling Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow – now all you need for totally peaceful, wrinkle-free rest is some replacement pillowcases. Available in four fabulous colours, each has a smooth satin finish to support even the most delicate of skin types.
Description With Nurse Jamie’s super sought-after anti-ageing pillow, you can fight wrinkles all night long. The innovative pillow has a unique U-shape design that cradles the face and neck, improving the quality of your rest and helping to minimise the sleep lines that can be etched into the skin at night. To add some colour variety and ease the urgency of your laundry load, these replacement pillowcases are just the ticket. Available in four fabulous colour options – regal ‘purple’, crisp, fresh ‘white’, slick ‘midnight grey’ and glamorous ‘leopard’ – each pillowcase has a smooth, silky satin finish that will support even the most delicate of skin types.
How to use Zipper closure, easy to remove Machine washable

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